30 mars 2017

Première collection Maison Fragile "Rue de Paradis" en porcelaine de Limoges, assiette "La tentation"

Participez au lancement de la première collection Maison Fragile "Rue de Paradis" en porcelaine de Limoges !
Disponible à la pré-commande, pour une assiette, (ou un service, ou plus!).

🍽 https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/maison-fragile-le-nouvel-art-a-table

Pre order the plate here https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/maison-fragile-le-nouvel-art-a-table

16 mars 2017

20 févr. 2017

Et dans la famille Hespéridéé je demande le cédrat!

The Citrus family, such a delight! Lemons, bergamots, citrons, oranges... all surrounded by neroli blooms and petit grain... in a fresh, bitter-sweet and tender round dance. Here are citrus that swirl and fly, leaving after their dance a laughing breath of spring.
This watercolor animation is the first in a personal series titled “Perfumery's Happy Families”.

Les Hespéridées… quelle délicieuse famille ! Citrons, bergamotes, cédrats, oranges… et leur cortège de néroli, et de petit grain… en une ronde exquise, verte et sucrée, acide et tendre. Voici les citrus qui tournent, volent, laissant après leur danse comme un souffle rieur de printemps.
Cette animation d’aquarelles est la première d’une série personnelle des Sept Familles de la Parfumerie…

9 févr. 2017

Hand painted shop windows

Rue Etienne Marcel -Paris - 2016
 Avenue Georges V - Paris - 2015

Rue Danielle Casanova -Paris - 2016

Rue de Paradis -Marseille - 2016

Rue Danielle Casanova -Paris - 2016

 Rue de Grenelle -Paris - 2016
If you were in Paris or Marseille last hollidays you might have seen one of those shop windows I drew all over ! They were in very chic Rue de Grenelle, Rue Etienne Marcel, Avenue Georges V, and Rue Daniele Casanova in Paris and Rue de Paradis in Marseille. All in white and gold hand painted.

Below you can see former window shop projects done in 2015 and 2013. 

 Avenue Georges V - Paris - 2015


Rue Etienne Marcel -Paris - 2015
Rue de Paradis -Marseille - 2015

 Rue Etienne Marcel -Paris - 2015
 Place du Marché Saint Honoré - Paris - 2013


25 janv. 2017

Year of the Fire Rooster, l'année du coq de feu

Here is my gouache illustration to celebrate the chinese new year !
Did you know that rooster is the french mascot ?
That's why I made a very french inspired coat of arms to wish all
an happy new year from Paris !

6 nov. 2016

Goddess of Champagne!

Sketch for an unreleased project.
The idea was to show a Goddess spread her magic over the vines to create the best drink ever. 

29 sept. 2016

Illustrations for the 100th Numéro TOKYO magazine

Numéro TOKYO magazine has commisionned me to illustrate a beauty editorial 
for the 100th special issue.
Illustrations are based on heraldry and symbols for makeup, skincare and beauty SPA.
Gouache on paper.

7 sept. 2016

Sher Khan vs. Bageera

Yin Yang Sher Khan vs. Bageera : this is my tribute to the great Book of the Jungle from Kipling, when you can learn a lot about the law of the jungle... And it's not exactly like we used to think about it, it's very fair and has for purpose to allow each others to live in harmony. The problem is when we don't follow the rules anymore. ✨🌴🐆👑

9 juil. 2016

Goddess of Dance

Illustration inspired by the greatest ballerina of all the time : Ana Pavlova. 
Gouache on paper.

31 mai 2016

World Illustration Awards 2016

So proud that my work for Diptyque's Florabellio has been shortlisted by AOI (Association Of Illustrators) for the World Illustration Awards. The project entered the design category that includes labels and packagings.

12 janv. 2016

Hermès Origami Horse

Le cheval origami Hermès s'habille de robes couleurs de temps pour vous souhaiter une très belle année 2016!
sur la touche "Par la fenêtre" ☄
 Happy New Year 2016 with the Origami Horse by Hermès, and its weather coloured coats painted by me.

24 déc. 2015

Happy Holidays - GAS Bijoux


Season's greetings, with an e-card taking you for a dive into splendid warm waters !
GAS BIjoux, french jewelry designers, create bright and colourful pieces wich are the perfect touch for a feminine and sunny style !

26 nov. 2015