27 juil. 2017

Are your vegetables ready to be dressed for success? New collection for the Elysée.

The two models created by Safia Ouares for the everyday's use at the Elysée Palace, for the French President Macron. Pictured at the Elysée's kitchen.

Are your vegetables ready to be dressed for success?!? Maybe you could give it a try with this brand-new creation for Maison Fragile and the famous Head Chef of French President Macron, mister Guillaume Gomez.

Yesterday we delivered the two models at the Elysée Palace to the Head Chef and his staff and it was an amazing moment !
Those two designs were created for the everyday use of the president and his "private" use at the Elysée. One is called Racine (Root) and the other Primavera (Spring). Both celebrates the youth and the energy of our President and his political movement !

Soon available for sale on the Maison Fragile's e-shop...